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Work Packages

WP 1 – Management (Lead: UCLM)
Del.1.1. Progress report.
Del.1.2 Project website.

WP 2 – Preparation (Leads: UEC and UET)
Del.2.1. Analysis of the survey results.
Del.2.2. Project network.

WP 3 – Development (Leads: UEC and IBC-M)
Del.3.1. Description of modernised and new modules.
Del.3.2. Teaching material of modernised and new modules
Del.3.3. Labs setup for the modules to be modernised and new modules

WP 4 – Quality Plan (Leads: UCLM and U_POLIS)
Del.4.1. QA plan
Del.4.2. QA reports for the teaching material and methods.
Del.4.3. QA reports for the examination procedure and methods.

WP 5 – Cooperation with industries (Leads: NUP and UC)
Del.5.1. Internships of students of modernised and new modules-First round
Del.5.2. Internships of students of modernised and new modules-Second round
Del.5.3 Organisations of events to promote entrepreneurship of students and staff from academia
Del.5.4. Life learning of people from industries-First round
Del.5.5. Life learning of people from industries-Second round

WP 6 – Dissemination and Exploitation (Leads: UET and NUP)
Del.6.1. Dissemination plan
Del.6.1. Skill developments of master and PhD students
Del.6.2. Specialized workshops
Del.6.3. Project network and sustainability strategy